About Us

Through the catalyst of advancing cultural heritage for the diverse Indian communities, Jhankar Beats will promote greater integration for the said communities in Scottish life, equal participation, and enhancement of community spirit. This will be advanced through advancing an inclusive national identity for all as well as inspiring community cohesion while creating pathways to energize citizenship for the diverse Indian communities in Scotland.


  • To advance of the arts, heritage and culture, through promoting and delivering cultural and learning activities that celebrate intangible cultural heritage including dance and music for all with a focus on Indian cultures: through organizing and delivering festivals, cultural events and seminars, and initiating as well as advancing storytelling platforms as a means to advancing active citizenship.

  • To advance Education through the teaching of the art with a focus of Indian classical music and dance, raising awareness of the uniqueness of cultural heritage of the noted style and enhancing the artistic standards of the art form and providing additional educational programmers to the public.

  • The above core objectives are interlinked directly and indirectly with the following further objectives that complement our principles and key aims:

  • To promote race equality and diversity through empowering the diverse Indian communities and advocating shared experiences and inclusive cultural programs and activities that empower equal representation and participation for these diverse communities in society at all levels while celebrating our multicultural Scotland.

  • To advance active citizenship and equal opportunities for the Indian communities: progressing their equal opportunities at all levels through capacity building and community development initiatives and programs, which support equality, community cohesion and democratic participation while empowering these individuals and communities to be active and play their part in all aspects of society. This can be inspired further through promoting and facilitating cultural, educational, social, and empowerment initiatives while assisting in removing barriers that hinder and disadvantage these communities from advancing their cultural heritage and pursuing active citizenship in society as a whole.

Our Team

Moyna Sethy

Moyna Sethy is the music and dance director of Jhankar Beats. She began to learn classical music and dance at the tender age of just seven years old, under the guidance of revered Guru G. Dayanand Singh and Chavi Majumdar of Jamshedpur.

She has a six-year degree in classical music and dance from the University of Prayag Sangeet Samitee, Allahabad. Before coming to Scotland she has worked as a music and dance teacher in many prestigious schools in New Delhi, India.

Moyna came to Scotland in 2008 and has worked with many other organisations with full commitment to teaching and developing children and adults in classical Indian music and dance, linking them with their heritage and culture.

Treasurer: Amar Kumar Ishrani

Secretary: Aruna Gorugantu

Event Manager: Arunima Raina

Chairperson: Subhash Sethy